Not Without My Daughters   Leave a comment


It is Mother’s Day.

My daughters are grown

and have their separate lives.

I am alone with my cats

and I am all right with that.


It isn’t necessary for me to have my daughters around me

for me to be glad that I had them.

It is enough for me to know that they are safe

and mostly well, if not always ecstatic.


Some people feel sad for me that they are not near by

or too involved in their lives to be able to be with me today.

I am sorry that I am too insolvent to be able to be with them

on this day or many others, and  I miss getting to visit with my Grandchildren.


But that’s alright too, because for everything there is a season,

and this is a season for self-reflection.

This May I take stock and sort out what’s necessary

and what’s desirable, from what’s neither one of those.


The necessary things are the arrival of my children;

their growth, their learning, and their eventual understanding.

Desirable things include having the opportunity to teach them;

my love for them, and my prayers for them.


If these things are accomplished before I leave here, it is enough.

My journey is intimately tied to their lives.

I would not have a Happy Mother’s day

without my daughters have their joy too. Happy Mother’s Day, one and all.


Necessary Things

Emaria, May  13, 2018


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