The Willing Worker   Leave a comment

Farmer's Landscape by Ellen Lattz, April 2016

When softly blows across the heart

a nearer scene of sentiment,

Where ne’er greed, nor envy start;

the worker labors in content.


The nearer fields are tilled ahead,

That those who eagerly await

the coming of the watershed,

may seed the ground, while in full sate.


And so the seed, in embryo,

is nestled in a ready soil,

whose sev’ral parts, all set to grow,

spread now their roots in ready toil.


And now the willing worker waits,

while sunshine warms the seeded bed;

nor thought for idleness he takes,

when tilling further fields instead.


Now clearing ground, now weeding patch;

The labor changes with the need.

No duty shirked, no plots to hatch,

The worker finds no ire to heed;


But satisfied in job well done,

looks ever more to other’s needs;

and glories in the day’s full run,

of willing service, and good deeds.


Step homeward now to set a while,

and sup on past accomplishments.

An hours leisure, done in style,

Welcome laughter heals in moments.


Now laying down a weary head,

the laborer smiles in fulsome dream.

Turning softly in well earned bed,

Ne’er once thinks he to cross the stream.


Anticipating new blown day,

hurries to finish needed rest.

The laborer loves the willing way;

Life’s challenges, takes on with zest.



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© Ellen M Story , Ellen M. Lattz at emariaenterprises, llc. May 2016.

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