The Long and the Short of Poems   2 comments

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There are those who love poetry,whether in long form or short;

who perform creation of sound in rhythms;  a form of sport.

And then again, there are many who can only love  poems

when they are framed at great length, and  full of stormy emotions.


As for me, I like catching the meter and hearing the rhyme;

Rhythm is better for remembering,  in so short a time,

the distilled essence of living,;written on pages so fragile,

Which tell of souls striving, and gargantuan battle.

Du Fu


Still, there are some really fine pieces, much shorter in places,

which convey moving imagery in concise written phrases.

A single clear thought placed, just so, and by juxtaposition,

thus showcase perspective, or provide anew, intuition.


Each poetic form has its place, each one knows its season;

Not yoked with the burden of any one person’s reason.

For each performs the same task, in delighting its reader;

whether accomplished by contrast, or rhyme, rhythm, and meter.


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2 responses to “The Long and the Short of Poems

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